Cooking Filipino food is Easy Breezy and Delish.

Decades ago, our kitchen was the hatest part of our house by yours truly. I despised it! as I didn’t like the idea of perspiring, getting your hair messy while cooking, the smell on your hands particularly when you use garlic and onion as part of the basic ingredients. My mother would trick me so I could hangout in the kitchen but really couldn’t stand the idea of staying there even for a second. Ugh! I would literally run as if there was something horrific about the kitchen. ( wierd? Yep!)

However, when I entered college I was forced to learn to cook because I had to tighten my budget and prevented myself from ordering out otherwise I wouldn’t last until my next allowance. What an experience I tell yah. I started from frying stuff so it should be easy, right? Except all of my cooking were fried so I said hello to fattening food from brekky, lunch to dinner. Mind you, there was a time I tried to cook Adobo or Kare Kare (chicken stew) and when you look at them it seem perfect and palatable but the tasting part was a different story. ROFL!

My younger sister (next to me) would adjust the flavor, of course she couldn’t comment because im older so she would do it politely. Fast forward today, I think I survived the dillema and I ended up falling inlove with it. Because cooking is also a form of art imagine the possibilities of creating a masterpiece that after making it you realized your capabilities are endless. Life is like that you have to go for it in order to discover your assets, gift, and limitations. Wow! I am speaking like a master chef, haha! Sorry I got caught by the moment. But I am pretty sure you know what I mean. Definitely, there are thousands of things to learn I am just proud of myself that I can do things that I thought I would never do. Going back to reality, the best part, you get to cook what you crave for, that you know what is in your food and you are assured that it was cooked with respect, passion and utmost care. I dont know if you will agree with me but sometimes you could tell the emotion of the cook by the end of the product?

Anyhoo. . . I aint perfect, I am moody person which reflects in my cooking in particular. You could tell in the finish product if it was made by a happy person or an irritated cook- guilty. Although, I couldn’t change the person that I am, however, I can tell that I have come a long way from a girl who used to curst the part of the house that others loved and adored to a woman who could do magic out of her hands for as slong as she is in the zone. At least now I know wherever fate will place me in I am confident that I will survive.


These are one of the delish I am proud of and I cook them with pride, of course when my mood would let me.


This is what we call Pansit Canton. It's noodles but in the Philippines we have variations on how to cook em. With modesty, I fell inlove in this kind that I have became so expert in cooking it.


These white ones with corns are what we call "Maja Blanca," made of coconut milk, cornstarch, cream corn and condense milk-- viola! my father loved this so much.