Good Things Come in Small Packages, Help Marawi Evacuees.

My siblings became an instrument in reaching out to the victims of Marawi crisis with the philanthropic hearts of Overseas Filipino Workers and foreigners in Kuwait.

A couple of weeks ago, my sister, who is an Overseas Filipino Worker as well, talked to me with enthusiasm, that there were Filipinos who wished to extend a financial support for the people of our hometown, Marawi City. 

These kind-hearted human are familiar faces for they knew my father who was the Philippine Consul General in Kuwait years back. Moreover, all of them are well aware that we are natives of this town that is under attack up to this date.

Just a background, my mother was born and brought up in Marawi City. Also, a native marawian by blood and by birth. My father, whose griefs caused by the seige, earned his primary and secondary school in Dansalan College that is now burned down to the ground. Anyway, I shall not elaborate any further for this is not the nitty-gritty of this writing. 

Going back to my sister, she received a donation amounting to more than php 29,700.00 in total. Overwhelmed by the generosities she sought my dad’s opinion, who in turn, advised her to document the funds and the way of distribution.

She decided to send the money to the eldest in our family our big brother “Kaka Zandro“, a lawyer and used to live in Marawi City but settled in Iligan City. However, concerned that if he gives to the local officials it might be tainted with politics, should he delegate the job to others doubts might arouse. Furthermore, he is also aware of the infested rice all over the places. Finally, he decided to do the task instead. In every Filipino’s home, rice is a staple. . . so he bought only the best quality; because, Maranaos deserve nothing less. 

He used his personal car and money (for the fuel), and together with my cousin braved the scorching heat of the sun with an empty stomach, drove and visited the evacuees they could find. By the way, it was still the month of Ramadan so both were fasting. They did not mind the challenges attached to it as the reward of seeing the appreciations from the evacuees were priceless.

It is so moving that there are no boundaries when it comes to helping hands. Regardless whether you share the same faith or not. I guess, in this unfortunate and unforgiving event what pops in a person’s mind is “how can I be of help!”

The selfless deed of these donors left me in awe. The unfatigable efforts and devotion of my Kaka Zandro and cousins-have gained my respect even more. My sister, who can easily pocket the money without anybody noticing it chose to send it home as her “god fearing” and “honest nature” ruled her, wanting me to give her power hugs and say, “how I am truly proud of you my little sister!” Of course, the idealism of my father who guided her children to always observe humility is a price jewel.

A gargantuan thanks to Allah (SWTA) who passed the funds through these donors from Kuwait, somehow, have chosen my siblings as the instrument in helping our fellow Marawian evacuees. I hope this will reach you all, who prefer to remain anonymous, that your donations reached the beneficiaries with diligent care. You may wonder “what’s the fuzz when the amount is so little?” As they say, “good things come in small packages”.

You might be surprised (I even shed tears upon knowing this) that one of them is a domestic helper and who reverted to Islam, selflessly donated 40 Kuwait Dinar (PHP 6,000). However, she does not want her name to divulged because according to her, she fully trust my sister. In behalf of the recipients of all your donations, “thank you!” I hope you could find time to read my blog to see the smiles “from ear to ear”. . . 

that you painted upon their faces when they received the relief goods. It can melt ones heart like a popsicle. Sigh! If only it could reach all of them and the roads were accessible.

The Eidl Fitr had just recently been concluded; however, the Marawi City is still under seige. I could not fathom the despair, fear and losses the people are going through. It is so difficult for me to process why does some creatures have to engaged into war when innocent civilians are the sacrificial lambs as if their lives are of no value.

Anyway, Maranaos are warriors and survivors. Somehow, they could pull through, painstakingly, the most unparalleled ordeals in life. . . and. . . Always be the last man standing. . . with pride and honor. It is in our blood and that is just the way it is. In Shaa Allah!