Sadj’s testimonial on our sister’s last day on earth

My sister asked me to record her last memory of our baby sister, Shalimah Naga Garangan, who was diagnosed with Myaloid Acute Leukemia. She survived her chemotherapy but had a relapsed three months thereafter. She passed away during the month of Ramadan and the first day of Lailatul Kadur. May she go to paradise and may she not suffer in her grave. Baby sister we love you and we will never stop praying for you. May Allah (swt) give you light in your grave and good angels entertain you whilst waiting for the day that we all have to face our creator.

We will never fathom your departure on this earth but who are we to question the will of God. We shall continue with our lives painstakingly or endure the excruciating reality that you no longer walk among us. You have thought us to widen our understanding, open our hearts and embrace the cycle of life. People come and people go as living in this world is really temporary.

We should search for our purpose on earth and reevaluate the things we should prioritized. May we all find our true calling!

“July 14 blood results showed
Vitals are down….  Wbc 1.2 platelets 70
Doc asked to return on wed… JUly 17 Wed, admitted, platelets 11 wbc 3.4
July 25 (given first chemo)
July 26 (around 11am started having difficulty breathing). 1pm had a heart scan that caused her right arm to swollen. Evening 9 pm onwards Blisters started showing up. She refused to take meds of Neopogen (to increase WBC), cannot take any oral meds, not eaten any food.
3 am July 27 Sona (doctors from diff hospital) came to do an ultra sound for her right arm. They said if it was inside her arteries they might operate her. But results showed it didnt. So no need for surgery.. 4am surgeon of ortho (bones) came and elevated her arm and popped all her blisters. Requested for cold compress and then later warm compress.
8am investigators came. Many doctors.
10 am she was awake and asked for water intake onwards…
1pm (we changed her diapers. )
2-5 she urinated about 3 times. Changed sheets, changed her clothes.. I noticed her hands are getting colds.  Heartbeat BPM 127 (increasing)
BPM reached 147-151
And her last few hrs.. 5pm onwards we changed her diaper her sweats was profusely , and she told me she feels like pooping. She doesnt want to bec shes wearing diaper. I told her it was ok. Nurse shreeja changed her heart monitor. Getting her BP, Then few mins before maghrib (6:00)) She stared at mom and then she lookd up and then her eyes closed… 6:00-7:45 Doc anesthologist, hermatologist, nurses tried to revive her…. Last few mins before 7:45 i whisphered in her ear: Si ate jacqui mo to. Ok na saken opaw. Kung gusto mong magpahinga. Papayag na ako…. 7:45 her heartbeat stopped. And stopped breathing….
Nurse left us in our room me and mommy and shamz body in her room for 2 hrs..
About 9:50 to 10:00 pm 2 nurse, me and mom tried to wash her body. Mommy whispered something to her and said something. Ad then shamz face were smiling. I noticed it too. And 2 nurse were shocked. I took pic but i couldnt capture it.
Around 10:00 to 10:30 relatives came. 11:45 pm they brought her body to morgue hospital.
July 28, around 2:30 pm, mom and i and 5 arab ladies washed her body in Sulaibikhat mosque inside cemetery.
Body was not that stiff. Arms are soft. Movable. But face looked very pretty and at peace.
Past 3:30 pm about 500 people to 1,500 men were present in mosque and  prayed for her body. 4:00 pm they buried her in sulaibikhat cemetery with number:
In arabic: ٤١/٧٨/٣٤
In english: 41/78/34”