My Birthday Wish is for Her


Today is my birthday as I had no intention to socialize my sorority sis wanted to meet up nonetheless. . .she surprised me with this thoughful treat. Thank you Che for your time I know it’s precious, lol!

Seriously my wish, rather, my everyday wish is for my sister’s fast recovery. She is diagnosed with Leukemia and now on her 3rd phase of chemotheraphy. I pray so hard that ALLAH (swta) will give her the chance to live longer so she can celebrate her birthdays, future: children’s birthdays, grandchildren’s and even her great grandchildren’s birthdays.

Shamz, we can never fathom the depth of pain you are into, but we are so proud on how you painstakingly brushing off the process and would want to get things over with so you can continue with your life. So brave.

We will never understand God’s purpose but we can always pray for his mercy and give you sufficient strength to get through it. Your prayer warriors are behind you so fight ha, please.