Not Everything is What it Seems


            When you are young you think of the things you wanted in life. You are so adamant as if they will happen with great certainty.

            Reckon your days in school, teachers used to ask the famous question, “what is your ambition in life?”, or what you want to become when you grow older?”, and of course being naïve, you will reply with such  conviction, that you want to become a doctor, a lawyer, a diplomat or you want to have a business of your own. Next thing you know you began making plans, outlining the steps in achieving them to the extent that nobody can bend them, you would talk to your parents about your goals and as always, they will listen with joy that you have already envisioned your future. Funny, there are times you tend to get so excited that you wish you can foresee what future has for you.

            Years went by, what have you become? Are you now in the shoes of the person you dreamed of? Reality bites but not everyone got lucky. There could be a thousand reasons why the course of your life has changed. It might have caused by the layers of prejudice:  like, the society you were in, or circumstances didn’t give you the chance to prove your worth, or sometimes you don’t want to hurt the feelings of the people you love and so with your eyes closed you just followed, or maybe with all those goals, you got confused which one should have given a priority.

            There are cases also that you strive so hard to get things done so that someday you could be that person you have pictured yourself to be… but life is not what it seems. No matter how you try for your “dream jewel” is just not meant for you. It would hurt at times when people tend to be inquisitive asking questions such as:  have you done things right, or did you really try your might, are you sure you did things according to your plan. How do they know? These are the downfalls that can pull you down that absence of strong pillars of strength you might lose it in a snap.

            Yes, it’s frustrating, it’s heartbreaking and most of the time it could tear you apart when you have come to a realization that you failed to achieve the goals that you knew were destined for you. But are we ought to question the will of God? What matter the most is that you never quit in trying, and you’re steadfast that never have you failed in fighting. So when at the end of the tunnel you didn’t get what you expected- it’s not for you, acknowledge it! Embrace it!

            Cliché dictates “life must go on”, you should not lose hope for God doesn’t want you to be miserable for the rest of your life. You just need to search further until you find what is really intended for you. Sometimes we insist on something that we thought is meant for us, but little did we know something grandeur awaits. Go and painstakingly try to continue your journey until you make your own mark . . . we just have to look for it and never give up as life may not always be what it seems but you see, life will be better if you just believe.


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