So painful it bites!

I dont know why a person has to be in so much grief. Yes, “everything happens for a reason”, I am on that, but why does it have to be so deep that it tends you to ask,”why god?” its depth makes you want to scream until you lost your breath; punch somebody or pick a fight, or throw the things whatever your hands can reach. . . Then cry!! Cry and cry your heart out and blame him or ask him “Why?” for a countless times.

Why does a person have to suffer more than one pain, more than you can bear? Can it be one at a time? So there is a room for a breather.

Seeing all the unfortunate events happening all at the same time are not fair; unfair for the person who suffers and for the other who gets to see the suffering. It is so painful that if you could only just erase everything; like when you are erasing the words or figures on the board. So intense that you wish that if you could just teleport to a place where you can reflect and rejuvinate your body and soul for a while, or you just want to close your eyes and ears and wishing that they were all just a dream.

But reality bites! We are on earth where you experience variety of life. So what is left of that person? Cry and suck everything in and embrace that this is the will of the divine providence. It is just too painful to see everyone in such distress. And its so hard to accept that they are actually in that situation. It seems like it is so unreal.

A person should not be questioning God as he knows best, but that person cant help to ask, Why God?


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