A punch in the gut!!

I pity you. You used to look down on people because you thought you were better than them. You prefer your friends as if they really have given you an unconditional strength, but what have you become out of it?You neither respect your parents nor your siblings- but it really does not surprise me, for you do not even respect your own being. You have lived your life in a fantasy wherein you were the star, as if you were a celebrity and blinded by the idea that as if you had no imperfections, as if.

As god is my witness, I supported you, I exhausted all my might just to understand you and “the benefit of the doubt I have given you was beyond and you know that. However, it seems you did not care and still you care less, because truth be told you do not give a darn, so long as you do what satisfy you nonetheless. Now, you even had the nerve to show disrespects and treat everything as if it has been forgotten? That can be done but the problem is that you are a recidivist.

Now, what have you become? Are you proud of yourself for engaging into all of it? Are you bothered that someone is hurting that it might cause her death? How do you feel when you get to see those people whom you looked down onto, that they have become over the top successful- does it hurt? Wait, do you even get that feeling of regret or remorse or even pain of so much depth that it is tearing you apart? Based on my observations you feel none of that, I am not judging you as I have tons of evidence to prove it.

Should you choose to continue being what you are, may God protect the only person who will be deeply wounded by your monstrous ways of living.

I hope God has plans for you for I do not know what will you become.


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