Please, smile!

Sister, it is not your fault nor anybody’s misdeed but rather it is the will of God; can you question that? Yes, we are going through this turmoil, the quintessential kind of pain that nobody would even wish to bare–but we still have hope, havent we? We can still rely on the mercy of God so hold on there.

I am not putting a facade that I am strong, or my actions does not speak that I am not wounded of what is happening to her, for I am also in sorrow. But someone needs to be the pillar of strength otherwise who will? We may be facing this difficulties but note that God does not want us to be in this situation for no reason at all.

You have been doing all you can in order to protect her; everything that you can provide to her you give it, but you can only do so much. God has his swift way of showing his love and affection to his beings that so hard to fathom. Sometimes we tend to rebel against his will but he is our creator and we are just his creations. The only thing that we left to do is pray hard, harder and if possible hardest as “faith can move mountains”. Let us just close our eyes, open our hearts and leave everything to the most merciful.

The support your giving to your sister is countless and you may have not notice, it is draining your energy; yet you still continue nevertheless and bless you for that. You may not know how it has been appreciated by your clan. But above all these, do not forget to smile, always be remembered to seize the day because God has plans for her, for us and for everybody.


It has been your gift to make people smile, you mimick Jim Carey just to crack a joke for everyone to laugh upon. But you should also be reminded that you deserve to smile- you owe it to yourself. So do not say that you have forgotten how to smile because that is exactly what we need at times like this. I am cynical and I really hate to say this but “everything happens for a reason”, annoying but I want to believe that there is a truth behind those words that we should look forward to. Leave it to Allah (swta) as he knows best. Hence, we must painstakingly face whatever God wants us to see, feel or endure. So please do not forget to smile my dear sister- SMILE!!


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